Art Squares by jacquie wilson

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Welcome to gallery 1 

Original digital images from photographs taken on my walks in and around where I live.

Please click on any image to enlarge it and get further information.

Pink exploding flower


dried hogweed

hogweed at water park

hogweed at water park 2

flowers black and white mustard ground

flowers black and white blue ground

red fern 3

dried seed pods 2

a boy and his dog

yellow flowers blue sky 4

hogweed 2017 white ground

hogweed 2017 2 white ground

Formby beach

exploding flower on grey colour change

hogweed flowers

white flowers

dandelion clock

red fern 2

red fern 1

yellow flowers blue sky 2

yellow flowers blue sky 1

purple flowers 2

purple flowers 1

astral leaves

Priory woods

Priory tree silhouette

dried seed pods

mono fern 2

mono fern 3

autumn leaves 2 star

autumn leaves 3

autumn leaves 4

pink flower

skeletal leaf on grey

single rose

seed pods 1

seed pods 2

seed pods 3

autumn leaves 1

single leaf with water drops


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